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Running a car is an expensive business and, as motorists, we're all looking to find ways to save money without compromising on safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Take tyres, for instance, they're one of the most important components of our car, and one that we expect to renew on a regular basis. They have a substantial impact on the performance of the vehicle.

With the average life of a front tyre at around 20,000 miles on a front-wheel-drive car according to AA figures, this can get expensive – not to mention the possibility that you could be driving around on tyres which aren't necessarily the best option for you or your car. Wouldn't it be great if we could make an informed choice about the most suitable tyres for us and our vehicles and then find the cheapest price for the best available tyre online?

Let Avatyre put you in the driving seat

Avatyre is your passport to the purchasing power of the big boys in the trade. With access to a database of literally thousands of different tyres for every kind of vehicle, and with tyres at all price levels from cheaper brands to top names, we deliver the choice, service and price which guarantees the best deal for you and your car, 4x4, bike, commercial or whatever kind of vehicle you drive. Not only that, we provide you with the information about the tyres we offer which allows you to take control of the decision process, choosing the tyres that suit your needs, budget and driving style.

We deal in tyres, pure and simple.

Because we deal direct with you as the customer, you can be confident that you're getting direct access to the best possible savings our buying power can secure. With no objective other than to help you find the best possible tyre at the best possible price, we hand total control to you.

How it works

Ordering tyres online with Avatyre is simple and easy:

Enter your tyre specifications into the "choose your tyres" search box and click "search tyres"

  • If necessary, narrow down the search results using the "advanced search" options box
  • Select the tyres you want and add them to your basket
  • When you checkout let us know which fitting centre you want us to deliver to
  • Be sure to let them know and make an appointment with them for fitting
  • Pay securely online using debit card, credit card or PayPal

In order to find the right tyres we'll ask you to tell us the size of tyre you're looking for, the details for which you can find on the sidewall of any of your vehicle's tyres. We'll tell you what tyres are available, and using our substantial purchasing clout ensure the best available price from the biggest and best-known names as well as budget options. If you're not sure what all those confusing tyre size numbers mean, just let us know the type of vehicle and we'll do our best to help you find the right tyre size to choose.

Let Avatyre help you to choose the right tyre for your vehicle

Price isn't everything - and not all tyres are created equal. In order to ensure that you have all the data to allow you to make an informed choice, we'll also give you up to date EU tyre ratings for every tyre we sell showing its fuel efficiency characteristics, wet weather performance capabilities and road noise levels. You may be surprised to find that the more expensive big name tyres don't always deliver the best levels of rated performance. By providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice, we don't just aim to save you money, we give you the power to decide on the best tyre for the safety, comfort and economy for you and your family.

With our friendly, user focussed approach, you can be confident that you'll be empowered to find the tyre that's best for you and your vehicle – even if you've never given much thought to your tyres before.