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It’s probably no surprise, given the often iconic relationship of cars and bikes to all our lives, that this central role has been reflected down... Read more

Our love of the Car …

Once we have been driving for a fairly short time, we don’t consciously think about the controls... Read more

Our vehicle’s tyres are the vital final point of contact with the road surface – the last link in the drive train from engine through transmission... Read more

Modern motor vehicles, from bikes to the largest commercials, are incredibly complex pieces of engineering and technology. Even compared with... Read more

We probably take for granted the majority of tyres that we see every day – on cars, motorbikes, buses and lorries, for example, – as they are... Read more

Wheels in history

It is impossible to imagine modern vehicles without the use of quiet, durable pneumatic tyres protecting the wheels. The... Read more

One of the criteria people often look for in a new car tyre is the level of road noise which can be expected.  Fortunately for those... Read more

One of the perennial difficulties faced by most of us when buying replacement car tyres has been the sheer lack of information that’s available to... Read more

We all know that British winters are very unpredictable.  A friend who lives in the Scottish Borders, for instance, experienced two winters on the... Read more