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The most popular UK tyre sizes

Avatyre prides itself on supplying the best price online tyres in the UK for a wide range of cars, commercials, motorbikes – in fact any vehicle that needs tyres.  But, of course, there are some tyre sizes which are particularly popular – for no other reason than that the vehicles with that particular size and profile of wheel are themselves best-sellers.


What do we mean by tyre size?


Everyone who owns or drives a car will, at some point, have noticed those cryptic numbers around the wall of their vehicle’s tyres.  Most will know that these denote the correct size of the tyre for the car.  But what do they actually mean?


Let’s look at this with reference to one of our most popular UK tyre sizes – 225/40/R18.  The three components of the size code refer to the width of the tyre in millimetres (in this case, our tyre is 255mm wide), the profile of the tyre, also known as its aspect ratio expressed as a percentage of the height of the tyre wall to the width of the tread (here, it’s 40%).  The letter “R” denotes that the tyre’s internal carcass is of Radial construction, as almost all tyres are these days.  The final number in the sequence is the tyre’s inner rim diameter, this time expressed in inches.


There is one further number/letter combination that’s relevant and is usually inscribed on the wall of the tyre.  This refers to the load and speed rating of the tyre, with the number being the code for load rating and the letter the code for the speed rating.  For example, the code group 91W would indicate a tyre rated at a maximum load of 615 kg and a maximum speed at that load of 168 MPH.


What are the most popular UK tyre sizes?


In our experience of supplying customers with cheap tyre deals for cars, vans and other vehicles, the “top ten” most popular tyre sizes are as follows:

225/40/18 (the size used in our example earlier);









 and finally, 165/70/14.


Of course, the reason that these are the most popular sizes is that they’re the ones that fit the wheels of the most popular cars.  The odds are, then, that if you’re driving one of the more popular UK cars, you’ll be shopping for one of the UK’s more popular tyre sizes.


Let’s put that theory to the test.  A 225/40/18 tyre could be expected to fit cars like older Audi A3 and A4, BMW 1 and 3 series, Ford Focus and Mondeo and Honda Civic.  All reasonably popular models; so far, so good!

car tyres in the UK

What about a big, wide, low profile tyre like the 275/40/20?  Well, as you’d expect from the number nine entry in our tyre size chart, we’re getting into slightly more esoteric territory here.  This tyre size could suit big beasts like the Range Rover Sport, BMW X5 and Mercedes M class.  A word of caution, though; these are indicative car/tyre size matches.  Before you order online tyres, you should always check your tyre size with reference to your vehicle’s handbook, or its existing tyres’ size code.


While it’s interesting to compare the most popular tyres online sizes, clearly what’s important to you is getting the right tyre for your vehicle at the best possible UK online tyre price.  With Avatyre, you can always be sure of the cheapest price for the best available tyres online.