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Under Pressure – why your tyre’s PSI matters.

We all know it’s important to check our tyre pressures regularly but how many of actually do it? As summer arrives and many of us will be taking the car and family on longer journeys, it’s worth taking a quick look at how and why our car tyre’s pressure is really important to us.

Why it’s important for your tyres

Although you can get great online tyre deals from suppliers like , nobody wants to spend more on replacing car, bike or van tyres than is strictly necessary. Underinflated tyres will wear unevenly and more quickly than those maintained at the correct pressure for two reasons:

- Firstly, if you look at an underinflated tyre from the front, you’ll see that the outer edges, close to the wall of the tyre, are taking more of their share of contact with the road surface, while the centre of the tread appears slightly dished. This means that the edges of the tread surface will not only wear faster than the centre of the tyre, they’ll also wear faster than the whole tyre would if it was in even contact across the whole of the width of the tread.

- Secondly, there will be a tendency for the tyre to scrub across the road surface, especially when cornering. This will obviously cause more drag and friction than would be the case with a normally inflated tyre. Not only does this increase wear in itself, it also heats the surface of the tyre which softens the synthetic rubber compound of which the tyre’s constructed making the tyre itself more susceptible to wear, especially on a longer journey.

It’s also worth bearing in mind when you’re loading up the car for the summer holidays that all the additional weight has an impact on your tyres. A check in the handbook will show that the manufacturers’ recommended tyre pressure will be higher for a fully loaded vehicle. However, what happens when you get back from holiday and your tyres are now at a higher pressure than recommended for a lightly loaded vehicle?

Under Pressure – why your tyre’s PSI matters.

Over-inflation can be just as damaging for the tyre as under-inflation. Here, the centre of the tread bulges out compared to the edges of the tread meaning, once again, that tyre wears unevenly leading your tyres to wear out before their time. It’s therefore important to remember to let a little air out of the tyre when your car returns to its normal load configuration.

Why it’s important for you

It’s all very well congratulating yourself on getting cheap tyre deals on the internet, but keeping an eye on your tyre pressure will save you more money than just by prolonging your tyres’ lives. An incorrectly inflated tyre will macerate you MPG like nothing else. This not only hits you in the wallet but also damages the environment by increasing your vehicle’s emissions too. By causing your engine to work harder, you’ll also add to mechanical wear and tear. All told, not good news for your finances.

It’s also worth pointing out that incorrectly inflated tyres can have a big effect on your vehicle’s handling, ride quality and safety. It’s obvious that the more of your tyres’ tread remains in contact with the road surface, the better behaved and safer your car will be.

While we at Avatyre love to see our customers come back to us time and again for great tyre deals, we want you to get the best out of your tyres too. A quick five minute check every three or four weeks, or before a long journey will pay real dividends.