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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a piece of data that is stored by a website within an internet browser. When you visit that website again, the data can be read again by the website.

Cookies provide a way for websites to remember things that an internet browser has done in the past  e.g. which buttons may have been clicked, whether a user is logged in or not or which pages on the website a user may have visited.

How does Avatyre use cookies? uses cookies that allow us to show you more relevant information, like recently viewed lists of tyres and essential features which are necessary for our ecommerce to function.  We also use them to track visits to different pagesin order that we can improve and update our website and help keep it free of errors.

By using, you are consenting to allow us to use cookies in this way.  Please note that you can restrict the use of cookies through your browser settings but that by doing so you may be prevented from using certain areas of our site and affect our ability to improve user experience.

In general there are four categories of cookies as follows:

Essential Cookies

These allow sites to record the actions of a visitor, e.g. adding products to a shopping basket.  We use these cookies on our site.

Performance Cookies

These allow sites to record how a website is navigated, what pages are visited, etc, for example by using Google Analytics and other statistics software.  We use these cookies on our site.

Functionality Cookies

These allow a website to remember your details, e.g. if you comment on a blog, or add content to a site.  They also allow websites to store choices you make, such as text size and provide services you have requested, like using Google Maps.  We use these cookies on our site.

Advertising Cookies

These allow tracking of your browsing habits and display relevant adverts to you.  At the time of writing (10 August 2014) we do not use these cookies on our site.